FAZUA charge stations on Mallorca

Lacking for power on bicycle tour on Mallorca – 10 charge stations



In cooperation with FAZUA out supplier of the engine and battery system we are using on our Torpado Balio E-race bikes we have established a line of charge stations around Mallorca. We wish nobody to worry not being able to complet their planed bicycle trip.


FAZUA Evation 1.0 bicycle battery engine system what is that?The FAZUA Evation 1.0 system is a engine system without counter force when you are riding you bicycle not using the force of battery power and it feels close to riding a normal race bicycle. Look for more informations here https://fazua.com/en/


A common question would be how far can I ride on the battery? That all depend on which force you need and like. We have chosen to our bike to be able to provide you with 3 different forces,  100W, 200W and 300W.


The battery capacity of 250 WH and it provide you following time of help.


100W = 2,5 hours of support


200W = 1,25 hours of support


300W = 50 minutes of support


We are keeping our bikes legal due to common EU/Spanish laws and the support are uptil a speed of 25 kph. Most persons wont notice the change and the bike can easily be ridden by more than 25 kph with your own force.


So to the answer on how many km you can ride on one battery charge is hard to say. 60 km, 80 km, 120 km or more. We have experienced users to ride 120 km/ 1200 hm on half a battery using support when needed but also to empty the battery after 60 km/ 1000 hm by using 300W all time.


To avoid the users of bicycles with FAZUA engine systems to run out of power we have established charge stations on following locations:


1.     Selva, “the bike garage” Placa Major 13

  • GPS coordinates: 39.7549143, 2.9009455
  • Open Mon-Fri, 9-13 and 15-18, Saturday and Sunday closed


2.     Caimai, Café  Sa Ruta Verde

  • GPS coordinates: 39.7721784, 2.8928981
  • Open all days, 9-17


3.     Escorca, Repsol/Bar de Sa Batalia

  • Open all days, 8-18


4.     Escorca, Bar Coll dels Reis

  • GPS coordinates: 39.8321605, 2.8157638
  • Open all days


5.     Sollér, Bar Ca’n Lluis/Repsol

  • GPS coordinates: 39.766190, 2.708393
  • Open 6-16, Sunday closed


6.      Valldemossa, Restaurant Ca’n Pedro

  • GPS coordinates: 39.7101035, 2.6173236
  • Open 10:30-16, Monday closed


7.     Banyalbufar, Restaurant Son Tomas

  • GPS coordinates: 39.6864423, 2,5105304
  • Open 11-15:30, Tuesday closed


8.     Andratx/ Sa Coma, Restaurant Can Paco

  • GPS coordinates: 39.5782072, 2.4232954
  • Open 10-17, Monday closed


9.      Puigpunyent, Restaurant The Rose

  • GPS coordinates: 39.6227402, 2.525226
  • Open 12-22, Tuesday closed


10.      Petra, Bar Es Brollador

  • GPS coordinates: 39.6142928, 3.1101843
  • Open all days 8-23



FAZUA charge stations



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