FAQ – Bike Rental

The rental prices:

  • The minimum rental price is from € 99/730 dkk for 4 days rental
  • One, two and three days rental is possible 1st June to 31th March from our pickup shop in Selva, Placa Major 16, 07313 Selva.
  • Every extra rental day of rental from €11/ 83 dkk
  • All bikes will be delivered to your holiday location on the required date and time and picked up at the end of your rental period.
    This service has the cost of € 34/dkk 255 if less than 6 bikes are rented in your booking. If 6 or more bikes are rented in your booking for delivery at the same time and location, the delivery is free charge
  • A perfect bike ready for riding
  • The rental price includes the following: Two bottle holders, one bottle (for keeping), saddlebag containing one inner tube and two tire wrenches.
  • The price also include cleaning of the bike after renting

What can you add to your rental bike:

  • Pedals for an additional charge of € 10/ 75 dkk for the rental period, different models are available.
    • Look Delta (The most used type of pedals used for fitness bikes)
    • Shimano SPD (Common pedal for MTB and on fitness bikes)
    • Look Keo (The newest version of Look pedals)
    • Shimano SPD-SL (Shimano’s most used race pedal)
    • Normal flat pedals are free of charge
  • Helmets can be rented for € 10/ 75 dkk for the rental period, one model in two sizes available.
    • Medium to fit head size 52-59 cm
    • Large to fit head size 59-62 cm
  • Bike insurance is recommended but not mandatory
    • Insurance covering rental period 4-7 days from € 15/ 115 dkk
    • Insurance covering longer periods than 7 days adds from € 2/ 15 dkk per day

Your reservation:

  • To make a reservation you should proceed as follows:
    • Click on “Book”
    • Start your reservation by defining the rental period and click “Check availability”
    • Then you can see the chosen period, price, sizes and numbers of available bikes per size
    • Here you can find help to choose the right bike size by a simple form. Click “see specifications” to get information’s and help. It is also her you can check the bike set up.
    • If you information about your own bike, frame and stem, you can find dimentions click “The Bikes”.
    • When you have the size information your continue by entering the amount of bikes you like to rent. On this page you can see wanted period and total price per bike.
    • When you can click “continue”.
    • Your bikes are now blocked in the system, but not confirmed. At this point you can still add more bikes and it is here you can add accessories. Insurance, pedals, helmet and girls you can chose you saddle. In the upper right corner you can see the total price in the “Cart”.
    • It is here you can add a name to every bike so it is easy for you and us to check and deliver the requiered bikes to every one in your group. Then click “continue”.
    • Next step is to check the chosen bikes, names and accessories, you can still make changes to your reservation, adding and deleting bikes and accessories. It is also here you have to enter your contact information’s and place/time of delivery.
    • Last check before confirming your reservation by paying a deposit of 50% of the rental price, now click “Payment”
    • On delivery of the rental bike at your holiday destination the balance due must be paid in Euros in cash.
    • At this time you are outside our website on a secure pay site. When the payment is accepted you will automatically be redirected to our website again. An email is now send to you containing all information’s about your reservation
  • After you have made a booking on our website, your will be able to:
    • Access your booking at anytime by clicking the menu “My Reservation”. All you need is your reservation number and the email to enter your reservation.

Cancelation of a reservation:

  • Any cancelation before 30 days prior to the delivery date are for free, your deposit will be transferred to your credit card
  • Any cancelation before 7 days prior to delivery date we’ll keep your deposit and no additional payment are needed
  • Any cancelation less than 7 days before delivery date the full amount have to be paid, additional to your deposit the last part of the payment will be charged your credit card
  • To cancel your reservation you need to send a email including your reservation no., contact email and containing information whether you cancel the full reservation or specify which part of the reservation you want to cancel
  • In case of Force Majeure. You can change the date of the rental forward within 3 month from the first day of the present reservation.

Do you need to bring anything to Mallorca for your bike holiday:

  • Your pedals if not ordered with your rental bike.
  • Some extra inner tubes (one are included in the rental price).
  • Allen Keys to adjust the bike settings, most needed 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm.
  • Helmet if not ordered with your rental bike.
  • It is mandatory to wear bicycle helmet when riding your bike on Mallorca – The police are giving all they see without helmet a fine.
  • Riding your bike on the highway are a serious vaiolation of the traffic rules – It is dangerous and you will get a fine.
  • A strong lock if you want to be able to leave your bike out of your sight and on the hotel if you can’t take it to your room.

Liability in case accident:

  • The hirer should have coverage through his own accident and liability insurance.
  • The renting company is not responsible under any circumstances for accidents or damages caused to the hirer or which the hirer causes to any third party or cases of liabili

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