Data Protection rules

Dandanell Bike Rental Aps & Dandanell Bike Rental – Mallorca SL Data Protection rules of 25th May 2018
Handling of personal information:

When a reservation of bikes and more are made we need to know name, address, e-mail and phone no. to complete the reservation. A reservation can contain more bikes than one bike, given and family names of participants can be applied in the reservation only by that.

The information we need to be able to send a confirmation and make contact in case of changes acc. to the reservation.

No information are shared nor handed over to third party.

E-mail are used to send maximum 2 info e-mails per anno.

How we keep personal data:

All data are typed by or typed for the user online and stored for by our data host, after the completion of a reservation.

Data hosted by are secured and only to access using username and password thru the control panel.

Responsable for company data and information:
K. Brian Dandanell (Director/Administrator)

Erasing of data:

Data can be erased by request. All reservations have 3 primary variables. Reservation no., e-mail and phone no.
All reservations are kept minimum 5 years. On request name, e-mail and phone no. will be erased permanently.