1st May 2020

Today it have been decided to open a little from the lockdown there have been since 15th March 2020.
From tomorrow it is possible to do outside exercise under regional and municipal guidance.

20th April 2020

Until 9th May Spain and Mallorca are still in a state of shutdown. Right now there are a debat about permitting single person activities in the open. If it is going to affect all regions or just some only the near future will show.

4th April 2020

Today it have been decided that the Spanish shutdown has been extended until 26th April.

24th March 2020

At the moment we are struggling to answer all of you and to accommodate your requests.  

We have been in contact with the Spanish authorities in regards to how Spanish business’ should navigate in the current situation, and what recommendations they and the tourism industry have.

Among other how we should handle both current and future cancellations as a consequence of COVID-19.

The recommendations is that we offer our guests to move their reservation to later in 2020. No refund of deposit are possible. Everybody are waiting to know about any possible relief packages from the Spanish government and EU are implemented. 

We are sorry about this situation but hope for your understanding and support to get through this. 

15th March 2020

Due to Spain’s introduction of state of emergency with these consequences:
– no one is allowed to stay in the public space
– no pleasure rides are allowed
– only supermarket and pharmacies are open
Therefore we are forced to closed completely for all activities for a minimum of 30 days, due to the conditions in Spain and the rest of the world. We’ll keep you informed of our situation here and on our website.
We are crossing our fingers that the situation soon will be turning to the better. So that we all can enjoy cycle again in the beautiful terrain of Mallorca

We hope for a quick improvement of the situation

Kind regards,
Gitte and Brian Dandanell

Dandanell Bike Rental – Mallorca S.L.

13th March 2020

13th March 2020, Happy clients on nearly retur in Selva
Everything is ready. Bikes, we and our employees!
Then Covin-19 came
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